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Sensory Bugs®  Sensory Tools and Sensory Strategies

Bugs are neat, especially dragonflies, ladybugs, butterflies and caterpillars, my favorites.

They are the "friendly bugs", my grandson called them when he was little. He decided that ladybugs were wonderful when a baby ladybug landed on his finger and "stayed for a long time"! Often a dragonfly zings past and he wondered "why it is so blue and why does it like the lavender so much, and why does it fly so fast, why does it crawl so slow, and what is that buzzy noise?" With his lightening speed questions, I have a new appreciation for this part of nature and I have answered him with photos (by Bill Behrends) and bits of research over the years. My teen and adult clients have often remarked that they feel unsettled and "buggy" with a kind of electrical feel at times, so I chose the whimsical theme of bugs to keep this website fun and interesting.

So, as a result of my work, SPD research, training, and my grandson's interest, here are a few sensory tools, strategies and resources, SensoryBugs®, used by me and my work with people in Strategy Sessions ---- teens and adults......12 years old through adults of all ages.

Strategy Sessions can be distance sessions to help a client find resources in their area, or might include more extensive in person work with SPD techniques, craniosacral therapy, trauma resolution, specific nutritional analysis using hair and tissue analysis to supplement and resolve deficiencies or toxic substances that may add to these disorders discussed. There may be an individualized  Sensory Diet, using Brainworks ® or personalized cards, with specific activities and creative learning actualization based on individual consultation. 

I am in the North San Diego area and see clients at one of two offices and do distance work nationally and internationally by phone as well. contact me

I can be found here and on: craniosacraltherapies.com

Victoria Behrends - RCST®, M.A., HHP, MH, BSP, CA teaching credential 

The Spicebush Swallowtail, the Buckeye, and the Imperial Moth caterpillars who really do exist in Nature, transform into the specific butterflies shown.

Transformation is a theme in the work that we do in Strategy Sessions and Craniosacral and somatic therapies !

Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar

Buckeye Caterpillar

Imperial Moth Caterpillar

We might use these activities in a Strategy Session :

Craniosacral Therapy, Sound or Light therapies

Craniosacral Therapy, Safe And Sound Protocol

Somatic Work, Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) -- Breathwork, eye position, Resource Grid, attunement

Physical, kinesthetic and creative activities -- making art, experiencing Theatre, Improv, typewriting, punching bag, mindful walking, energy exercises, and more

Fidget tools, sensory awareness, tangible tools

Other original experiences created by the craniosacral therapist, occupational or physical therapist, individually or as a team approach

Just a few examples of tangible sensory tools that can be used to improve  sensory awareness, to calm and focus -- at times I use these and have resources and contacts for folks to find them for themselves

"A Human Sculpture !"

SensoryBugs® Dragonfly Weighted Lap Blanket Set for adults or teens

2 functions - fidget cover and weighted lap blanket

SensoryBugs® smaller lap blanket--Ladybug Weighted Lap Blanket
2 functions- fidget cover and weighted lap blanket. 1.5 or 2 lbs of weight

Depending on the Strategy Sessions, and the assessment of the therapists involved, sensory tools are chosen to calm or to bring awareness to tactile, visual, and olfactory and hearing senses. These tools and techniques can be used with different sensory disorders, including Autism and Aspergers. In Strategy Sessions, people learn to self-regulate and expand awareness. Big physical activities --  pushing, pulling and balancing movement items, punching bag, light and sound therapy can be used in the home and in occupational therapy. If micro movement is determined to be beneficial, typewriting and other unusual movement can be implemented. Again, Art, Theatre and mindful movement can make a big difference.

On my SPD Resources page there are some great books that describe many really good activities and things that can be developed at home if an SPD trained Occupational, PT or Craniosacral Therapist is not available.

Depending on the spectrum of disorder, teens and adults can also use these tools and activities individually but there are advantages in the socialization of working with another person and in some cases it is necessary.

Again, depending on consultation in the Strategy Sessions, physical sensory tools used may contain a combination of :

    • various fidget-toys

    • balls of several sizes and materials

    • sensory awareness tools

    • Brainworks® and homemade individualized cards for a Sensory Diet or social skills building and a notebook to record observations is helpful

    • ONIONHEAD® emotion cards to help express feelings - positive and negative

    • herbal mists, Lavender and Lemon Verbena can be effective

    • Safe And Sound Protocol
    • and more.........

      You can reach me at 760-753-1493 or on my contact page for consultation